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As headed by BasicNet S.p.A. - the sector parent company headquartered in Turin and publicly quoted in Italy, the Group is a major participant in the sector of branded leisurewear and sportswear, footwear and accessories with a collection of market-leading registered trademarks, including Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, Jesus® Jeans, K-Way®, Superga®, Sabelt®, Briko® and Sebago®.

The activity pursued by the Group unfolds into growing the value of its registered trademarks and proliferating branded product market positions through a global network of independent licensees.

BasicNet S.p.A., the sector parent company, develops service activities (information technology, product research and development, communication, sourcing, etc.) to the benefit of the Licensee Network, built around independent business concerns to which Group proprietary trademarks are licensed. By way of building up collaboration across the brand-led, licensee multiplatform, the Group coordinates licensee growth strategies, providing a strong pipeline of ground-breaking international collections and marketing tools, with a keen eye steered toward sourcing finished goods from a variety of production sources around the globe. These are all vital components that provide the BasicNet business system with the building blocks for growing the value of its registered trademarks and proliferating branded product market positions. The BasicNet business system has been created and carried forward in such a way as to galvanize 'leaner' flexibility and drive development, whether in terms of internal steams (new licensees) or external streams (new trademarks developed or acquired, and new lines of business).
Although participating in the earnings delivered by the Network's production cycle, no products are manufactured directly by the BasicNet Group, in that manufacturing is outsourced to third parties. Indeed, the BasicNet Group supervises and optimizes, via dedicated Sourcing Centers, all manufacturing phases on behalf of the licensees, capturing significant economies of scale by seeking out the production sources more appropriate (in terms of cost and standard of quality) at the worldwide level. By way of recognition of all this, the BasicNet Group receives sourcing commission on purchases.
Distribution and local marketing is assigned to a brand-led, multiplatform of licensees that recognizes commission to the BasicNet Group, determined on the basis of net sales, by way of trademark license fee in exchange for the global marketing developed directly by the BasicNet Group and, not least, for the business know-how made available to them.
Additionally, by virtue of the wholly-held licensee BasicItalia S.p.A., the BasicNet Group is engaged in retail distribution through Brand Outlets and Spaccio Factory Outlets, as well as brand identity stores under the Group banner.
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Relazione finanziaria semestrale 2022 / Filing of 2022 half-year report
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Merger by incorporation of BasicNewco Srl with Sole Shareholder.
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Half Year Report
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Slide conference call July 29, 2022 - 1H 2022 highlights
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